How long does the promotion go for?

Promotion commences on 09:00am AEST 24/07/2019 and final entries close at 11:59pm AEST on 06/08/2019 ("Promotional Period").

How do I play and what EXTRA® products can I enter with?

During the promotional period, buy any Wrigley EXTRA® chewing gum product, available for sale in any participating Woolworths supermarket or Woolworths online shop. We advise you to keep this receipt until the 7th November 2019 (in case an entry of yours is included in a 2nd chance draw for any unclaimed prizes).

Click here to enter.

Should I keep my receipt/s?

Yes! Please keep on hand all your purchase receipts that you used to enter during the promotional period. We may need for you to resend a photo of them through, in case your provisional winning entry's photo didn't clearly show the required details. If you can't re-supply the receipt upon request, then we will not be able to validate your win, and nobody wants that to happen!

How many times can I enter?

Two entries are permitted per day, subject to the following:

a) Only one (1) entry permitted per ‘Eligible Purchase' (as defined in clause 6) of the promotion's terms and conditions;

b) If entering twice using one transaction receipt, it must show that two (2) packets of EXTRA® have been purchased;

c) A maximum of two (2) entries are permitted per transaction receipt regardless of any additional packets of EXTRA® chewing gum purchased in excess of two (2) packs;

d) The two entries per day can be done on one (1) or two (2) receipts, e.g. you can purchase one (1) EXTRA® packet in the morning and get one transaction receipt and one (1) EXTRA® packet in the afternoon and use a second transaction receipt OR you can purchase two (2) packs of EXTRA® on one receipt and upload that receipt twice.

Entrants found to have submitted fraudulent entries including, without limitation, by way of multiple email addresses and/or IP addresses will be deemed invalid. For more information, read our terms and conditions located here.

If I am a provisional winner, how am I validated as a winner?

You are validated and confirmed as a winner, if the receipt you uploaded for your provisional winning entry clearly showed the correct retailer logo, that the date of purchase was within the Promotional Period, and that the line items include that of one (1) EXTRA® pack.

Show you purchased one or a maximum of two EXTRA® products.

The date on the receipt is between the dates of 24/07/2019 and 06/08/2019 inclusive.

If any of this is illegible, then you may need to re-email a copy of it, so please make sure you keep all the receipts that you use to enter into this promotion, in case you need to re-share them in order to validate any entry that's been drawn as a provisional winning entry.

Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find these here, or at the base of this page where it says: 'Terms & Conditions'.

How will I know if I have won?

Once you have clicked ‘SUBMIT' you will receive an automatic email that will indicate if you are a provisional winner or not.

Can I win more than once?

A maximum of ten prizes are allowed per household (excluding SA residents) for regulatory reasons.

My receipts have been cross-checked by the fulfilment team and I am confirmed as a winner, when will I get my prize?

Congratulations! After our fulfilment team will have confirmed your valid win, they will then email you within five business days to share the tracking number of your posted $20 eftpos® Gift Card.

What is Captcha?

This is just a security measure intended to distinguish a human from machine input, we use it to make sure all entrants are genuine and not spam, automated or set up to enter multiple times. It's in essence just another entry field, but it is slightly different in that it will be a small online visual perception task. It's designed so that humans can pass it, but not computers.

If any prizes are unclaimed, when is the 2nd chance draw?

If any prizes are unclaimed, then there will be a 2nd chance draw on Friday 07/11/2019 at 11:00am AEST at Prime Focus, Level 1, 500 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia. Winners will be notified in writing within two (2) business days of the draw and their name will be uploaded to www.wrigleyextra.com.au.

Is there anyone I can contact about the promotion for any more questions?

You can reach the Mars Wrigley Consumer Care team on 1800 084 222 (Australia) or through the 'Contact Us' link here.